Treatment Costs and Payment Methods

All costs are on a per infusion basis regardless of the number of treatments chosen. There are no discounts for scheduling multiple treatments or any other reason. 

Payment must be made in full prior to tretament and must be cash or credit card. We currently do not accept checks.

Depression / PTSD: $775.00 per infusion, all inclusive.

Pain Management: $2500.00 per infusion, all inclusive. The only exception is the one time only cost of post treatment prescriptions, whether single or multiple infusions were received, for oral ketamine and benzodiazepines. These costs may vary by pharmacy but as a rule are usually less than $200.00.

We do not participate in any third party payor or insurance plans. Even if your insurance carrier says they will pay for the treatment, the billing codes they accept usually calculate out to less than 10% of the normal charges. 

If you wish to attempt to get reimbursement from your insurance company, you may request a copy of your records and these will be supplied. You may then contact your insurance after the fact to request reimbursement.